Motown Show
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Rehearsal Dinner

TFC was awesome. The band played a great mix. They did not take a break. They were fun, enthusiastic and the crowd reacted to them positively. They were absolutely exactly the type of band I was looking for. Folks said it was the best rehearsal dinner party they had ever been to.

Corporate Event

TFC did absolutely fabulous. We could not have been happier. The guests loved the band and the musicians did such a wonderful job engaging the audience and making sure everyone was moving and grooving. We would definitely be interested in having them again in the future. It was such pleasure to work with you. Thank you for making everything easy for me as I know I jumped into this position towards the end of the planning stages for TFC and our Sales Appreciation Weekend. 

Event Planner

Just wanted to send you an email to let you know that NEVER have I dealt with a more accommodating band then this one. John and his crew were not only fabulous but they are the MOST easy going and adaptable bands I have ever worked with in the past 15 or so years. (and there are a lot of bands that I like and are very nice) but this one is just amazing. I cannot say enough about them and especially John, because he is the one I dealt with.

Father of the Bride

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys again for putting on such an awesome dance party. We loved everything and I especially loved that you guys brought the funk. I'm sure you've seen it all but I can't seem to remember attending any weddings where the guests were waiting around on the dance floor for the band to come back, much less when it is about a million degrees outside. I can't tell you how many people have told us - unprompted - that you guys put on the best wedding performance they had ever witnessed. Please pass on my thanks and compliments to the rest of the band. I can't wait to recommend you guys to anyone that asks.

Wedding Planner

I am glad to get an email from you to let you know how fabulous TFC is/was. The wedding was absolutely perfect and many people asked us for the name of the band. John was responsive to every pre wedding email and phone call and absolutely stuck to our program/game plan. In addition, they are just really nice guys to deal with. I am copying Elizabeth and David (bride and groom) and am going to hope that they follow up with the wedding wire review as bride and groom.


Y'all were a huge hit! The newer younger members would definitely have danced until midnight. We will have to adjust. The music was too good to miss. Thank every talented member. Hope to hear TFC soon!

Birthday Party

My children and husband gave me a birthday party on Nov. 2 and I used EastCoast Entertainment to find a band. Mark from EastCoast was most helpful and was always available to answer any questions I had. His help in getting the right band for me was wonderful. I chose TFC from Va. Beach, Va. and they were absolutely fabulous. They were like friends by the end of the night. Everyone at my party said they were the best band they had heard in years and kept everyone on the dance floor. Many that I had thought might leave before the midnight hour were still there dancing until the end. I would highly recommend this band to anyone booking for a wedding, birthday, etc: You will not be disappointed. In fact, we plan to use them again for my husbands birthday! You will not regret doing business with EastCoast Entertainment either. Thank you Mark and TFC for helping make my party such a big hit.


The wedding could not have been a more special and fun day for us. TFC was amazing. Seriously, everyone who attended has commented on what a great party they put on. We did Prince's Kiss as our first dance...and they killed it!

They also did a soul version of the Hora that left everyone speechless....

Parents of the Bride

TFC's performance at our Daughter's wedding on June 8th was outstanding. We have had so many people say that it was the best wedding they had ever attended and made special note of the spectacular performance by TFC. They kept the place jumping the entire evening. As a tired Father of the Bride, I recall sitting down to rest at 11:00 and not one person other than me was seated. All were out on the dance floor. From the Bride and Groom to my 75 year old Brother who hasn't danced in 40 years.

I would highly recommend TFC for a wedding or other event. Your guests will be amazed.

Wedding Planner

I was very impressed with the Band last night that my Gross/Mackie Wedding reserved at your recommendation. They literally had everyone on the dance floor until almost midnight. Not only that, and the main reason I am emailing you, Their MC was exceptional. I have heard a ton of bands (and many bands tend to lack in the introduction portion of the evening). The Bridal Party & Bride/Groom introduction was amazing. The MC had SO much energy, he absolutely set the tone of the evening on a really energetic tone. 

They were very easy to work with from a venue stand point, which I appreciated as well. On my end, I would absolutely remember this band and recommend them for my brides & grooms that are looking for a band within that price range like the Gross's were. 

Corporate Event

I just wanted to have a personal communication with you about TFC. I would like to use the word stupendous to describe every aspect of their performance last night. The mix was absolutely perfect as were the levels throughout the evening. Their choice of material was perfect as was the overall performance and musicianship. They worked the crowd and moved the energy of the evening along so nicely. The first set blew me away with their selection of songs, perfect for warming up the crowd as they started to fill the room. It was such a pleasure to hear Dee sing, she has such a "real" voice, not your typical club date singer for sure. Listening to her sing Gladys Knight's "Neither one of us" gave me goose bumps. AS they moved into their dance sets the energy was masterful , the tempos were unwavering solid in the pocket, something that usually drives me nuts with most dance bands.

I know I'm using the word perfect a lot here, something you won't usually hear me do as you know, but as a 30 year veteran of the music business I was amazed that I could not find anything I would change, do differently or improve on. Whatever didn't work well at the 3rd Thursday event was nowhere to be found last night. Everyone enjoyed the band and had a great time , it really raised the bar for our holiday party, and many people have told me this was the best party yet. Not to take anything away from all the hard work and contributions of everyone planning and working this event , but I feel TFC was a huge part of making this one stand out as special.

I'm sure you are going to hear from Janis if you haven't already, she was truly blown away. There were a few key people who were very concerned about volume going into the evening, and they all told me throughout the evening that they thought the volume was perfect from beginning to end. 

University Event - Alumni Weekend

We hired TFC Band to play for our alumni weekend and they were an absolute hit from the moment they played their first set until their very last song. They were able to adjust their stage presence to connect with their audience. Before the night was over, every single person was on their feet dancing. There is no doubt that we will be inviting them back next year and the year after that.


I would give them a large share of the praise for making our reception fantastic. Almost every person at the reception told us how much they enjoyed the band. They were the perfect blend of fun and crazy while still maintaining the level of class that we wanted our reception to have. Basically we couldn't have been happier with their performance at the reception. On top of that they were very easy to work with before the show happened. In terms of picking different songs and working through their play list. We were very pleased with their enthusiasm to want to play at our party and their willingness to work with us on a few things prior to the event. I have literally never seen that many people dancing the entire night and having such a great time. This includes all of the weddings I've been to and fraternity parties back in college. 

Mother of the Bride

TFC and John Hodges were fabulous. Totally professional and musically incredible on one of the most brutally hot nights that I have ever experienced. If it tells you anything, when it was all said and done, the dance floor was FULL on a night that anyone with good sense would have gone home ten minutes after the party started . . . 100 degrees outside under a tent with 100 percent humidity. As it was, we were full and rocking because of such a great band.

Please use us as a reference for TFC any time. We had an attendance of 250 people who would agree! Thank you for a beautiful night for our beautiful daughter. We will never forget it!